Thursday, 6 April 2017

Having failed to find a girlfriend, Chinese engineer marries 'female robot'

Beijing: A Chinese specialist supposedly wedded a female robot, which he had planned months after he neglected to discover a sweetheart.

Be that as it may, even following a while of edgy look for genuine romance, he chose to get settled with a robot he manufactured himself and named Yingying.


Zheng Jiajia allegedly got hitched last Friday and the straightforward wedding service was gone to by his family and dear companions.

Amid the wedding, Zheng Jiajia wore a dark suit and secured Yingying, with a red scarf amid the function, a conventional Chinese wedding custom.

Zheng has a graduate degree in manmade brainpower and outlines and makes robots at Hangzhou in Zhejiang area. Read more:-International Database

A year ago, he made the female robot named Yingying, which can recognize Chinese characters and pictures and say a couple words.

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