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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Couple shoots self in Pratapgarh, youth passes on, young lady basic

UDAIPUR: A 20-year old kid and 17-year old young lady shot themselves close to a sanctuary put at Kulthana town in Pratapgarh area in the small hours of Monday. The kid kicked the bucket in the common healing center while the young lady is conceded in Udaipur doctor's facility in genuine condition. Relationship is said to be the purpose for the suicide, in any case, the relatives of the couple said they didn't know in regards to their relationship.

"We were educated that Vinod, child of Dashrath Kumawat and Manisha, little girl of Kushali Ram Raidas had shot themselves and they were taken to the area doctor's facility. Vinod passed on there however Manisha was alluded to Udaipur. The couple deserted suicide notes in which they said they were executing themselves of their own will and nobody had constrained them for this," Pratapgarh SP Kaluram Rawat told TOI.

As per sources, the couple left home after Sunday midnight and went to the Devnarayan Devra (little sanctuary) where they even made a visual clasp of their admission. Vinod's dad told the police that he was out of station and around 2.45 am he came to think about the episode when a neighbor called him. "By all appearances it shows up Vinod shot Manisha first and afterward shot himself. They utilized a 'desi katta' to shoot. We are exploring on how they got the weapon," Rawat said. As indicated by sources, Vinod was into much religious exercises at the Devra and gone about as 'Bhopa'. The young lady's family was against her inclusion, which was the purpose behind their suicide, villagers said. 

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